By: Luz Sanz

Medals & Tokens
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8 days ago
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Date: 1977 - Inscription: Anverso nombre y fecha del acontecimiento. Reverso descripción - Question: Value?

Edición limitada. Acuñadas por Franklin Mint. Troqueles destruidos. En un libro perfectamente encuadernado y narrado.

By: Paul
8 days ago
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These are modern medals from a private mint. They are worth their weight in silver, nothing more. Find out how many troy ounces of silver in each one, then look up the current value of silver and multiply. It will probably come out around $15 US dollars per medal.

Oftentimes outfits like the Ftsnklin Mint advertise their work, which is beautiful, by the way, as having ‘lasting value as a collectible.’ This is usually not the case.

Know what you are doing before you buy something like this.
By: Luz Sanz
4 days ago
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Agradezco mucho su información y lamento que no tenga ningún valor adicional por colección tan interesante. Saludos desde la Ciudad de México


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