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Date: 1862 - Inscription: 2 1/2 cent 1862 death to all traitors - Questions: Identification? Value?

By: Paul
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Very interesting piece, Jamie. There is another one at the [liveauctioneer] link in the 'Web references' to the left.

(Note: We photoshopped your images to give folks a better look at your token.)

There were numerous political tokens issued around the time of the Civil War in America. Civil War Tokens (CWTs) fill a very popular segment of collecting, and most of them are quite valuable. Your token, however, is not a 'normal' CWT, which were struck on coin presses. It certainly appears that your token was carved by someone moved by the Union, anti-Confederate cause during the 1862 time frame. If so, it is very likely quite valuable, since collectors would find it very tempting to add to their collections.

A summary page of background material on CWTs, with pictures anv values, appears at the [coinquest] link in Web references.
By: Paul
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1. [www.worldofcoins]

2 months ago
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There was a well-established 'Death to Traitors' grass roots campaign in the North. It shows up on several different CWTs and in the literature of the day. The example above is focused against Jeffereson Davis, President of the Confederacy in the South. Your token is more general: Death to ALL Traitors, not to one person specifically.

The token with the man in the gallows is a valuable piece, selling for hundreds or (sometimes) thousands of US dollars. As such, it establishes the collector attraction to such pieces.

Jamie, you know the history of your piece. If it could possibly be from the Civil War period, it is no doubt very valuable. If it is a recent fantasy piece carved by a budding political artist, then it has little value.

My out-of-the-blue, super-wild guess is that your token would sell to an interested collector for $100 to $200.

We have posted your image over at [worldofcoins] (see Web reference). There are a lot of experienced people over there. Maybe they have seen one of these.

Please keep us posted about your token. We would like to hear any additional information you have about it.


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