By: pirgah

Ancients & Medievals
Metallic gray

2 months ago
Post: 806
Rome (ancient empire)
Inscription: Obv M ANTONINVS AVG ARM PARTH MAX - Rev FORT RED TR P XXII IMP V - Questions: Value? Condition? Problems? Variety?

I bought it because it´s said that is scarce. For a value estimate I found just two records:
#1 VCOINS (Shick Coins) US$ 130
#2 ANCIENT.ROMAN.COIN.COM (Roma Numismatics) US$ 1,049 (2013)
Both records show coins in better condition than mine. Which would be a better estimate value?

By: Paul

2 months ago
Post: 809

I did a search in the 'Pro' database we use and came up with the following prices in US dollars for your coin. There is quite a spread:

$87, 70, 73, 61, 441, 76, 101, 1048, 158, 236, 124, 389, 202

(Watch out for advertisements that say 'rare' or 'scarce' or some such thing. A knowledgeable collector knows what he or she is buying, and doesn't need to be told.)

The two pictures are of the two extreme coins: one sold for $1048, the other for $61.

What do you conclude from this information?

By: pirgah
2 months ago
Post: 810
Judging by the condition of my coin, I´m prone to stay with an estimate of US$ 60.
By: Joshua
2 months ago
Post: 813
In my opinion, I would say it to be around $30-40 USD, as your coin shows some faded lettering. This presumed price is based upon the possibility that you have it sold on a site such as eBay, where I presume an interested buyer may bid around that amount.

Although, on more notable auction sites or auction houses, I find that their coins may sell at a higher premium, due to their reputation, or attracting higher paying buyers.

Anyway, this is just my opinion on your item.
By: Paul
2 months ago
Post: 815
Yes. Joshua is correct about the auction house used to sell coins. Top-end auctioneers have top-end clients who pay top-end prices. I consider eBay a top-end auctioneer because they have a massive collector following. Our 'Pro' database does not include eBay, but it does include world-known auction houses like Stack's, Heritage, Roma, Baldwins, Keunker, Spink, Spectrum, Elsen, Westfalische, Goldbergs, ARS Classica, etc.

However, I think Joshua is being ultra conservative with his $30 to $40 estimate. Your coin is completely readable, has nice surfaces, no damage, and shows an average amount of wear.

Note, too, that the breadth of the 'random' component of coin prices is about $50 for this coin. Taking just the low-end prices from our research,

$87, 70, 73, 61, 76, 101, 124

there is a $63 range from low to high. Rounding that range down to $50, I'd place the value of your coin at $65, plus or minus $25.

Another aspect is that selling your coin to a coin dealer, rather than to a coin collector, makes a big difference in selling price. A dealer must make money on each transaction. He or she might figure (not out loud!) 'Let's see, I can probably sell this for $65 to a collector, maybe more, so I'll offer to buy it for $25 and settle for any price as long as it does not go over $35.'


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