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3 months ago
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Great Britain
Question: Genuine?

Are they genuine?

victoria jubilee head x 4 crowns
George 1 crown coins x 4
Queen anna x 2 crowns 1713 1706
george 1 shillings x 5 1715 1717 1718 1721 1723

By: Joshua
Web references:
1. [www.silveragecoi]
2. [www.coins-of-the]
3 months ago
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Just a note beforehand is that I am not an expert in determining the authenticity of coins.

However, it is in my personal opinion that these coins are fake. From the links I have provided, showing the genuine coins, and comparing it to the coins in the photo, they have an inconsistency with the real ones. The manner and quality in which it looks if compared is just, different.

Anyway, this is just my opinion of the subject.

By: Paul

3 months ago
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I agree with Joshua. First, the surfaces do not look natural. Very often you see fakes with dark, yet even, toning. This toning is probably applied by the crooks to make the new (fake) coin look old. After seeing many, many examples, you get to know the 'look and feel' of counterfeits, at least many of them. Some can be detected only by experienced professionals, but many fakes just take a quick look.

Second, a cursory inspection of the patterns shows dozens of differences when compare to a genuine coin. See our image, made by placing an image of a genuine coin side-by-side with your image.


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