By: Gerhard

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22 days ago
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Date: 1757 - Question: Identification?

I am from Angers in France and would like to know more about this coin I try to identify. Could it be pure fantasy or Novodel, something different? Thanks in advance for your help.

By: Paul
Web references:
1. []
2. [www.treasurenet.]

21 days ago
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Hello Gerhard,

Your coin deserves close attention. In all probability, it is a fake coin, a counterfeit. Genuine coins like yours are very rare and expensive.

You have a pattern 5 kopeks with the coat of arms of St. Petersburg on it. Or you have a copy of one.

The second picture above comes from a Google search on 'kopeks petersburg'.

I cannot tell from your pictures if it is genuine or fake. I would like to do a side-by-side analysis of your coin and a genuine coin, but I do not have copyright permission for a genuine one. You can look at a genuine coin by clicking the [] link under Web Reference to the left.

The second web reference is to a treasurenet discussion thread on your coin.

By: Gerhard
20 days ago
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Hello Paul,
I am not sure that you received my answer on your message, so I try again. Many thanks for your help enabling me to clearly identify the 5 kopeks coin. It is the same as the one shown on treasurenet, same dimensions, same colours and same engravings. It's a fake, but it remains strange to me that somebody works out a nice replica coin which is very different from the original. Another Pattern?
Have you an idea about the worth of this coin for a collector?
By: Paul
20 days ago
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Hi Gerhard :: Why people make obviously fake coins has always bothered me. I guess I will never know why. To make minimal profit, I guess. However, there are a lot of them. The polite term is ‘fantasy coins.’

My stock answer is that fake coins are worth zero. However, I might have to modify that answer in the future to make room for fantasy coins. Also, there has always been a segment of collecting called ‘the black cabinet.’ Collectors put known counterfeits in the black cabinet. They are not worth as much as genuine coins, but their value is not zero.

With all that said, all I can do is guess at the value of your (really nice) 5 kopeks. There are no official auction results for black cabinet coins, and places like eBay forbid selling known fakes. But your coin is intriguing and interesting. I would wager that an educated collector would pay up to $25 US dollars for it.
By: Paul
15 days ago
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Did you do a careful comparison of your coin with the genuine one I told you about? Did you send pictures of your coin to the Russian site I mentioned? What if your coin is real? If it is, it is very valuable. Consider sending it to PCGS, NGC, ICG, or ANACS for professional authentication.
By: Gerhard
14 days ago
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Hello Paul,
I tried twice to contact the Russian site you mentioned but are not sure that my messages were received by the right people. I shall keep you informed further.


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