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 Date: 1797 
 Mint mark:
 Size: large 
 Description from requester: FRONT: Seated lady. sash from her left hand low by seat says liberty. below BY FEET it says in god we trust. then date: 1797. 6 stars on left side and 7on the right. BACK: top has united states of amer. e pluribus Unum on banner below usa. eagle with 3 arrows in one foot and a branch in the other. 420 grains. 900 fine and mint mark s below eagle. then words trade dollar at the bottom 
 Composition: silver 
 Wear: well preserved 
 Eye appeal: likable 
 Country: USD 
 Denomination: dollar 
 Holder: cardboard 
 Damage: not specified 
 Errors: none 
 Toning: not toned 
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US Seated Liberty Dime 1858O

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